Yes it’s true!! We have signed an agreement with C By Karina, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Saint Rochés entire collection will be represented in the store and available for purchase during fall 2019.

The sunglass store, C By Karina, is located in the middle of South Beverly Drive and is a well-known and established meeting place for local Beverly Hills residents. The celebrity store, C By Karina, represents a wide range of high-end brands, now also including Saint Rochés collection. Establishing in the US is in line with Saint Rochés strategy and international expansion.

“We are excited to have entered this collaboration with C by Karina and also to be recognized in this venue and in front of this audience. Our hope is to make an impression and to showcase the unique design and quality of our products.”, says Tobias Lindberg, Founder and CEO of Saint Rochés.

The collection, today consisting of 43 models, has been delivered to the US and will be showcased in the store from September 28-29. The launch of the brand and products will continue throughout the fall.

“Saint Rochés has in a very short time received a breakthrough well beyond what was expected. It will be very exciting to see how the American audience receives us, says Tobias Lindberg.